Royal Mines and Minerals Corporation (RMMC) has committed decades to the research and refinement of precious metal extraction processes. Our goal was to develop a more efficient, cost effective, ultrahigh recovery extraction process technology that was also environmentally friendly. As a result of our years of dedication and hard work we have accomplished this goal.

Since September 2010 RMMC has been laboratory and pilot testing the A2G process. Independent bench scale tests have validated that we are exposing recoverable gold using our process. We have run over 50 tons of coal fly ash to date. We have experienced in-house values ranging from traces of gold to multiple ounces of gold per ton. We can reproduce metal in hand process tests which we are scaling up. Our team possesses the technical and engineering expertise to execute RMMC’s business objectives. We intend to work with strategic partners to scale up the A2G process and expand production to multiple locations.

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Raw Concentrate from Ash, after the A2G Process


Magnified gold concentrate from ash product.


5. oz of Gold from Royal Mines Cholla Recovery Process